What's New in PPM 9.64

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in PPM 9.64.

My Time Sheets app

The My Time Sheets app is now available in PPM for Mobile. You can use this app to create, update and submit time sheets.

For details, see Create and submit time sheets.

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Team Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Team Management module.

Team Demand

The Demand tab is now available in the team details page. It enables you to access and manage your team demand and allocation from a central place.

For details, see Manage team demand.

New names for team tabs

We renamed the following tabs in team details page:

  • Team List as Members

  • Team Gantt as Roadmap

  • Team Heatmap as Heatmap

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Demand Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Demand Management module.

Enable tooltip for auto-complete fields

PPM administrator can configure an auto-complete field to display tooltip. From the tooltip, users can:

  • View information of entities listed in the field

  • Navigate to the entities details page

  • Chat or send email to the listed users if it's a user type field

For details, see Enable tooltips for auto-complete fields.

Show progress of mass updates and quick edits The update progress is displayed when you perform mass updates or quick edits on a set of requests.

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Project Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Project Management module.

Define project health by custom calculation

Select a project field that indicates the project health calculated by your custom method, and PPM will show the project health based on the field value.

For details, see Project Health policy.

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Resource Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Resource Management module.

Synchronize staffing profile dates with project dates

When a project's dates are changed, its associated staffing profile's dates will be automatically updated with the project's new dates.

This feature is enabled only when the Synchronize Staffing Profile Dates with Project Dates feature toggle is turned on.

For details, see Synchronize staffing profile dates with project dates.

Analyze Assignment Load portlet enhancements

The following options were added to Analyze Assignment Load portlet:

  • Only include assignments against the selected work items in the portlet

  • Actual efforts from programs, packages and miscellaneous can also be included in the portlet

For details, see Visualize assignments.

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kMigrator improvements

The following enhancement was added to the platform module:

Support migration of data source filter column's advanced default values

You can now use the kMigratorExtract.sh and kMigratorImport.sh scripts to migrate the advanced default values of filter columns in a data source.

For details, see kMigratorExtract.sh and kMigratorImport.sh.

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Help Center Share button

The Help Center toolbar now includes a new Share page button :

  • You can share help topics on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email.

  • You can also copy the topic link to the clipboard and paste it in other applications.

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