Download a support file

As an administrator, you can generate a support .zip file that contains the PulseUno system and configuration information, measurements, and application logs. The file is useful for troubleshooting when submitting issues to Support.

To create a support file, PulseUno copies data from the following sources:

  • The PulseUno <pulse_data>\_logs directory.

  • The <git_data>\_logs\folders directory on the Git server.

  • The <vault_data>\_logs\folders directory on the Vault server.

To download a support file:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Support.
  2. In the Support ZIP tab, select information to include in the file. By default, all system and configuration details are included, together with the most recent system log file.

    You can choose to include all the log files generated on that day or all available logs.

  3. To include all information regardless of its total size, clear the option that limits the file size.

    By default, the support file is limited to 60 MB. If the amount of data exceeds 60 MB, PulseUno prioritizes the latest log files and excludes older logs.

  4. Click Download. The support .zip file is downloaded to your machine.

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