Administration issues

This topic helps you troubleshoot some of the administration issues in PulseUno.

For more help, see Dimensions CM-related issues.

Database not accessible

If PulseUno fails to start because it cannot connect to its database, a detailed exception message is displayed instead of the login page.

A common reason is a missing or inaccessible database at application startup time. For more information, open the logs in the PulseUno data directory on the server.

For details about configuring the JDBC URL, see Connect with JDBC.

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Reviews not created automatically

Note: This functionality is available only if PulseUno is used with Dimensions CM.

If reviews are not created automatically when deliveries are made to CM, try the following:

  • If your Dimensions CM server is correctly configured to emit ALF events during a delivery, verify that your repository connection has been setup properly and that PulseUno can connect to it. For details on connecting repositories, see Connect to Dimensions CM repository.

  • In the stream's settings, verify that:

    • The delivery filter is not set to exclude the changeset.

    • The option Create/Attach to a Review is selected.

    For details about stream settings, see Create reviews and run chains automatically.

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User avatar images not displayed

If user avatar images are not displayed, try the following:

  • Check that the avatar server is configured properly. For details, see Set up the avatar server.

  • In PulseUno, navigate to Administration > Caches and clear the avatar images cache.

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Chains do not start

Note: This functionality is available only if PulseUno is used with Dimensions CM.

If chains do not start when deliveries are made to Dimensions CM, verify the following:

Chain results not displayed

If chains run successfully but results are not displayed, check that the parameters for the Jenkins plugin step are configured correctly. For details, see Jenkins.

Builds run in Jenkins even if parameters are not set up correctly, but the results are not sent to PulseUno.

You can also review chain logs. For details, see View chain runs.

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