What's new in 24.2

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in PulseUno 24.2.

Git enhancements

Use the following enhancements when working with the PulseUno Git server.

Enhancement Description
Mirror Git repository into Dimensions CM

If you have mirrored an external Git repository into PulseUno, you can now mirror a branch of that repository into Dimensions CM. For details, see Mirror a Git repository branch into Dimensions CM.

Tag policies You can now apply tag policies to Git repositories. For details, see Create a tag policy.
Source code search You can now search source code in Git repositories. For details, see Global search.
Manual changes to reviewers Manual changes to reviewers are not removed by re-evaluating the CODEOWNERS file.

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Vault enhancements

The following new features and enhancements are available in PulseUno vaults.

Enhancement Description

Downloads can now be resumed.

NuGet NuGet delete command is now supported.
Python usage panels Python usage panels now have improved examples.

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Usability and UI enhancements

This release introduces user interface updates and many usability enhancements.

Enhancement Description

The following enhancements are available for reviews:

  • You can now create a shareable link to a review page, by clicking the Get URL to this view button in the Changes tab.
  • The filters for the review list have been refined to help you focus on reviews relevant to you. For details, see Browse files in reviews.
  • You can view a list of the commits that make up the review in the new Commits tab. For details, see View details in reviews.
  • When browsing files in a review, you can now switch between displaying only the changes since your last review, all changesets, or a specific range of changesets. For details, see Browse files in reviews.
  • When viewing changes, you can now enable focus mode, to focus on the content of the review and hide other screen elements. For details, see Focus mode.
  • When viewing changes, a new indicator in the toolbar shows how many files have been reviewed out of the total number of files included in the review.
  • Hidden lines in a review can now be displayed 10 lines at a time.
  • Users with the Maintainer role can now change review authors.

The following enhancements are now available for search:

  • The global search UI has been streamlined.
  • Recent searches are now remembered.
  • You can now search within an iteration or backlog.

For details, see Global search.

Chain status badges Chain status badges can now be displayed in supported languages. For details, see Set chain options.

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Chain and plugin enhancements

Use the following enhancements when running chains of plugins.

Enhancement Description
Run a chain in a different space

You can now run a chain from one space in another space. For details, see Configure chains to run other chains.

Child chain steps in log viewer The steps of a child chain are now visible in the log viewer from the parent chain.
Chain step script editor

The chain step script editor includes the following enhancements:

  • Syntax highlighting is now supported.
  • The script editor can be made full screen using focus mode.
Improved feedback for secrets Improved feedback is given if a secret cannot be resolved.
Chain findings Improved findings are captured by chains, including files that have not recently been changed.
Parsing of Jenkins logs The parsing of Jenkins logs for findings has been enhanced.

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The following enhancements are available to administrators.

Enhancement Description
HTTPS proxy support Connecting via HTTPS proxy when accessing external data sources is now supported. For details, see Configure proxy settings.

Password expiration

Password expiration is now enforced by default when using internal authentication. As an administrator, you can configure or disable enable password expiration. For details, see Configure password expiration.

Minimum password length A minimum password length of 8 characters is now enforced by default. As an administrator, you can set the minimum password length. For details, see Set minimum password length.

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Integrations with third-party tools

The following enhancements are available for integrations with third-party tools.

Enhancement Description
GitHub Action Runner Emulation

The following enhancements are available for GitHub Action Runner Emulation:

  • You can now run GitHub Actions directly from GitHub without the need to mirror or import the GitHub repository.
  • Node 20 GitHub Actions are now supported.
  • Node 12 GitHub Actions are no longer supported.

For details, see GitHub Action Runner Emulation.

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OpenText integrations

The following enhancements are available when using integrations with other OpenText products.

Enhancement Description
ValueEdge/ALM Octane

The following enhancements are available when working with ValueEdge:

  • A pipeline is now automatically created in ValueEdge when a PulseUno chain is published to ValueEdge. For details, see Publish chain results to ALM Octane.
  • Improved logs are now sent to the ValueEdge pipeline.
  • Commit patterns are now synchronized from ValueEdge to PulseUno. For details, see Enable ALM Octane requests.

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