Modify pull requests

As an administrator or the pull request author, you can edit a pull request's title and description, pass the ownership to other users, relate a different request, and add or remove reviewers.

To modify a pull request:

  1. On the top navigation bar, select a space from the spaces list.

  2. (Optional) To restrict the scope of the search, open a product or Git repository and then a stream/branch.

  3. On the sidebar, select Reviews.

  4. From the review list, open the pull request you want to change.

    For details about information available on pull request pages, see View details in reviews.

  5. To change the pull request's title, click More in the in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Edit Title.

  6. In the Conversation tab, update the pull request as needed:

    Task Description
    Change the pull request's description In the Description section, click Edit description .
    Associate the pull request with a request to merge changes based on it In the Requests section, click Relate request .
    Change the stream/branch to which to merge the pull request

    In the Merge Target section, click Change target branch .

    You can select any stream/branch in your current product or Git repository.

    Add review tags to the pull request In the Tags section, click Change tag .
    Add or remove reviewers

    In the Reviewers section, click Add reviewers and select a lead or optional reviewer.

    To remove a reviewer, select the reviewer and click Remove reviewer .

    For details, see Add or remove reviewers.

    Change the pull request's author (owner) In the Author section, click Change Owner .

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