HP.Sprinter.Scanners.API Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
  Class Description
Class AggregatedScanResult A combination of ScanResults.
Class ScanContext The data on the Application Under Test (AUT) read by Sprinter and passed to the scanner.
Class ScanControl A control or an element in the Application Under Test (AUT).
Class ScanCustomActionGroup A collection of custom actions that are treated as a group in the Sprinter interface.
Class ScannersLogger Services to write to the Sprinter log.
Class ScanResult This class represents a condition to be reported that was found by the scanner.
Class ScanResultFoundEventArgs Event Arguments sent from the Scanner when a result is found.
  Interface Description
Interface IScanCustomAction An action that the scanner can run on a result.
Interface IScanner The main scanner interface, declaring scanner properties, methods for handling the scan data, and the scan method.
Interface IScannersLogger Services to write to the Sprinter log.
  Delegate Description
Delegate ScanResultFoundEventHandler New scan result event handler.
  Enumeration Description
Enumeration AutExecutionType Types of Applications Under Test.
Enumeration ControlVisibility Control visibility possible states.
Enumeration MessageSeverity Cases in which a message can be output.
Enumeration Severity Severity of the result
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