AggregatedScanResult Class
A combination of ScanResults.
Object Model
AggregatedScanResult ClassIScanCustomAction InterfaceScanControl ClassIScanner Interface
public class AggregatedScanResult : ScanResult 
The results in the aggregation can be related in various ways. For example, they might be related by all being selected in the Sprinter interface.
Inheritance Hierarchy


Public Constructors
Public ConstructorAggregatedScanResult ConstructorConstructor.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyActiveCustomActionThe latest action performed on this aggregate. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyAttachedFilesThe collection of files related to the entire aggregate. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyCategoryThe category of the aggregate. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyDataAdditional data about the aggregate. This data is application-dependant. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyDataItemsThe data the scanner needs to process the aggregated result.  
Public PropertyDescriptionThe description of the aggregate. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyRelevantCntrlThe control the result was found in. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertyRelevantCntrlsThe collection of controls needed by the scanner to process the aggregated result.  
Public PropertyScannerThescanner that found these results. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult  )
Public PropertySeverityThe aggregated severity of the results. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public PropertySummaryA short aggregate summary of the results. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )
Public Methods
Public MethodEqualsOverloaded.Returns true if the otherScanResultis identical to thisScanResult   . (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult)
Public Events
Public EventPropertyChangedA property value changed. (Inherited fromHP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.ScanResult )