ALM integration

The integration of Service Virtualization with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables you to store your Service Virtualization projects as test resources in ALM. This can facilitate the use of the virtual services by other users, or by testing tools.

For details on currently supported versions of ALM, see ALM integration with other OpenText products.

The ALM integration enables you to:

Save a virtualization project in ALM When you save a virtualization project, you can save it in the file system, or in the ALM repository . If you choose to save the virtualization project in ALM, it is stored as a resource in the Test Resources module of the selected ALM project.
Collaborate on virtual service design Multiple users can work with a virtualization project that is stored in ALM. ALM enables you to control this process by ensuring that changes are made by only one user at a time.
Reuse a virtualization project

You can copy a project that is stored in ALM, and save it in either ALM or in the file system.

Tip: You can also add a project to existing solutions. For more details on working with projects, see Manage Virtualization Projects.

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