Designer licensing

This section describes how to get and use a Service Virtualization Designer license.

Designer licensing overview

Service Virtualization Designer is installed with a trial Enterprise Edition license. This license expires 30 days after the first installation. Service Virtualization Designer Enterprise Edition switches to Express Edition if no valid license is available. Express Edition license never expires but runs the application with limited functionality only. It is necessary to install a valid license to get full functionality.

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Get a license

You can obtain licenses through the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) portal.

In addition, if you want to later install Service Virtualization on a different machine, you need to migrate your license. For more information, visit the Licensing Portal.

Note: You do not need a license for the Designer Express edition. For details on Service Virtualization editions, see Editions.

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Install a Designer license

  1. From the Help menu, select License Management.
  2. Select a license type. For details, see Selecting a license type.

  3. Install the license. For details, see Service Virtualization Designer license types.

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Concurrent licensing

Concurrent (floating) licenses can be shared dynamically between multiple users using the AutoPass License Server. AutoPass License Server is included in the Service Virtualization installation package.

You install concurrent licenses on the license server. When the Designer or Server is started, the application takes a license from the license server, and returns it when the application is closed.

Define the license server in License Management.

Note: Lock the concurrent license using the Lock Code and not the IP address.

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Designer Express

Designer Express is a free, non-expiring version of Designer that enables you to use Designer with the following functionality:

  • Simulation of a maximum of 3 virtual services concurrently.
  • Virtual services authoring of up to a maximum of 3 data and 3 performance models.
  • The possibility of connecting an SV Designer to a standalone SV Server for authoring and simulation. Limits are derived from the SV Server license configuration.
  • You can upgrade the functionality of an installed version of Designer Express by installing a standard Designer license.

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Learn more about licenses

Learn more about how the licensing and downloads portal works, find contact information for licensing issues, request licensing assistance, and view the quick start guide and recorded videos.

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