Selecting a license type

This License Management wizard lets you view or install Designer licenses. To open the wizard, select License Management from the Help menu.

License types

When you open the License Management tool, the wizard guides you on how to install the license for the Designer. For details about the license types, see Service Virtualization Designer license types.

UI Element Description
Instant on The temporary 30-day license that is installed when you install the Service Virtualization Designer for the first time.
Evaluation License

A time-limited trial license that may have been provided to you.

Concurrent License

A floating license from the AutoPass License Server.

Multiple users share a pool of licenses managed by the license server. The license is bound to the Lock Code of AutoPass License Server, which can be found on Install License page of your license server.

For more details on concurrent licensing, see Designer licensing.

Seat License

A permanent license for your Designer machine.

The license is linked to the machine's Host ID, a unique number generated by Service Virtualization, and bound to the machine's hardware.

Commuter License

A temporary license provided by the License Server that enables the Designer to work offline.

Request a commuter license when you will have limited or no access to the license server, and cannot check out a license. The validity of a commuter license can be specified for a time period of between 1 and 365 days.

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View currently installed licenses

UI Element Description
  • Invalid. The license has expired, or the license and host IDs do not match.
  • To be expired. The license will expire on the expiration date listed.
  • Valid. The license is active.
Locked The license is linked to a specific client (Designer) machine.

The type of license that is installed. For details, see License types.

Expiration Date

Displays the date on which the license will expire.

Note: When a floating license expires, it is automatically renewed if you are still working in the Designer.

Capacity Quantity of available licenses.

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