Advanced Message Security Settings Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to set advanced options for message security.

To access

In the Virtual Service Editor, under Security Settings, configure basic message security options and then click Advanced Settings.

Relevant tasks Set Message Security
See also Virtual Service Editor

User interface elements are described below.

UI Element Description
Protection Level The level of security applied to each message. This configuration has service scope levels. All messages must have the same security requirements.

Options include:

  • None.
  • Sign.
  • Encrypt and Sign.
Message Protection Order

The order of protection operations used to secure messages. Options include:

  • Sign before encrypt.
  • Sign before encrypt and encrypt signature.
  • Encrypt before sign.
Message Security Version The set of WS-* specifications used to establish security.
Require Derived Keys Supporting tokens must use derived keys.
Include Timestamp Messages must contain a security timestamp.
Allow Serialized Signing Token on Reply

Replies can contain a service token used to sign the message. This setting is used only for asymmetric security bindings.