Browse Destinations Dialog Box

This wizard page enables you to select and virtualize an MQ destination to use in your virtual service.

Important information
  • General information about this wizard is available here: Create New Virtual Service Wizard
  • For additional details on specific service types, see Virtual Service Types.
  • This dialog box opens when you click Browse for a destination in the Service Properties dialog box.

    Note: To view or create MQ destinations, the user defined for the WebSphere MQ virtual agent must have sufficient permissions, which are granted by the MQ administrator. For details, see MQ authentication.

Wizard map

The create new virtual service wizard contains:

Import Real Service Description Page > Choose Service Protocol Page > Service Properties Page > Summary of Virtualization Page

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element Description
<search box> Enter a destination name or part of a name to filter the list of destinations displayed.
Virtualized Destinations Only Displays only the list of destinations that are virtualized.
Relevant Agents

Displays only the list of destinations that you may use.

For example, filters out any destinations for which the agent does not have sufficient permissions to access, or agents that are not defined on the server with which you are working.

<destinations list>

List of available destinations. The destinations displayed are based on the WebSphere MQ queue managers defined in the WebSphere MQ Service Virtualization agent configurations.

Actual destinations.

Virtualized destinations.

Manage Agents Opens the Agents page, enabling you to add, delete, or reconfigure settings for virtual service agents. For details, see Agent user interfaces.
Virtualize Selected

Select an actual destination and click Virtualize Selected. Creates a duplicate, virtual destination that you can use for your virtual service.

In the dialog box that opens, accept the default name for the virtual destination, or enter a different name.

Available for: WebSphere MQ

Unvirtualize Selected

Deletes the virtual destination.

Available for: WebSphere MQ

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