TruClient editions

This section describes the TruClient editions that are available, and lists the differences between them.


The following TruClient editions are available:

Edition Description
TruClient in VuGen Enables you to take advantages of many VuGen features. See VuGen Help Center. Select the version you are working with.
TruClient standalone Enables you to create scripts independent of a VuGen installation. See TruClient standalone.

Note: TruClient Standalone will be deprecated in 2023. We recommend using TruClient in VuGen instead.

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Supported features in TruClient editions

The following table shows the major differences between the editions:

Feature TruClient in VuGen TruClient standalone
OS Support Windows Windows
TruClient functions
TruClient properties

Visibility of extra files in the script

  • function.js
  • globals.h
  • JS-functions.js

Visible in Solution Explorer.

Located in the <path>/scripts folder.

Use a text editor to edit these files.

Log viewer

VuGen > Output Pane

Network Virtualization Analytics

Network Section

  • Speed Simulation
  • Download filters

VuGen > Runtime Settings

Ability to add custom extra files
Convert the script to Web (HTTP/HTML)
Start point for working with TruClient VuGen TruClient standalone
Mobile Device Emulation
Record in one browser and replay in others

Note: Not all the supported features are available for TruClient - Native Mobile scripts. For details on the script types, see Open the TruClient Development window from the Launcher.

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