Script and file management

The way scripts and files are saved, exported, imported, and opened varies between the TruClient editions.

Manage scripts in TruClient in VuGen

You manage TruClient scripts in VuGen from the File menu. For more information, see the VuGen Help Center.

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Manage scripts in TruClient standalone

This section describes how to manage scripts in TruClient Standalone.

  1. In the TruClient Standalone Launcher, select Open to open an existing script, or choose the type of new script to create. For details, see Open the TruClient Development window from the Launcher.

  2. In the menu toolbar of the TruClient Development window, click the Save dropdown arrow.

  3. Select an action to perform on the open script:

    Action How to
    Save a script

    Click Save or Save as to save the open script at its current location, or with a new name.

    Export a script

    Click Export to Zip (All files) to export all the script files, or Export to Zip (Runtime only) if you only want to zip the files required to run the scrip.

    Note: The script must be saved before a zip file can be exported.

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