Java Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

This pane enables you to configure how UFT One records and runs tests on Java applets or applications.

To access

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Ensure that a GUI test, action, or component is in focus in the document pane.

    • In the Solution Explorer, select a GUI test or component node or one of its child nodes.

  2. Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Java node.

Important information

  • The Java pane is available only when the Java or Oracle Add-ins are installed and loaded. If you are using the Oracle Add-in, and you add steps to your test for Java objects within your Oracle application, the options in this pane are relevant for the Java steps in your test.

  • Clicking the Restore Factory Defaults button resets all product settings, including ALM connection information, the recent files list, and anything defined in the Options dialog box, such as startup options, UI layout, GUI, API, and BPT testing options, remote connection credentials, and more.

Related tasks

Modify options for recording on Java tables

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Record items mode

Determines how UFT One records operations on items in List box, Combo box, Tree view, and Tab control objects. The following options are available for each object:

  • By name. (Default) Records operations on an item within the object (for example, selected list item or tab) according to the item's name.

  • By index. Records operations on an item within the object (for example, selected list item or tab) according to the item's position within the Java object.

If you select the By index option for Tree view, do not specify "#" as the default separator in the Tree view path separator option below.

This option corresponds to the Setting.Java("record_by_num") variable.

Search radius for attached text

The maximum distance in pixels to search for attached text.

  • This option is relevant only when the label is unavailable.

  • This option corresponds to the Setting.Java("max_text_distance") variable.

Tree view path separator

The default separator used to separate entries in a path to a node of a Tree view control.

  • Default value: ;

  • Possible value: One or more single-character separators

If you enter more than one character, UFT One treats each of the characters as a separator (but not both of them in sequence). If a path contains two consecutive separators, UFT One interprets the path as if it contains a node with no name between the two separators. For example, if you specify %$ for this option and a particular path contains MyNode%$MySubNode, then UFT One treats the % character as a separator for a node with no name, and the $ character as the separator for an additional node named MySubNode.

If you select the By index option for Tree View in the Record Items mode area above, do not specify "#" as the default separator.

This option corresponds to the Setting.Java("treeview_path_separator") variable.

Max property length

The maximum length that UFT One can retrieve for a String property.

Default value: 100,000 characters

Value range: 100,000 - 1,000,000 characters


Resets the Java settings to their default values.


Opens the Advanced Java Options dialog box. For details, see Advanced Java Options Dialog Box.