Importing Test Objects Page (Create Object Repository Wizard)

This wizard page shows the progress of the import process. The number imported indicates the number of applet objects that have already been imported, including all child objects of that applet.

Important information
  • Importing into the object repository can take up to several hours, depending on the size of the repository.

  • At the same time that the wizard imports the objects, it is also retrieving information about the total number of applets it needs to import. While the wizard is retrieving this information, the total number changes and the words at least show that the wizard is still retrieving information. When the total number is known, the words at least are no longer displayed.

  • You can work in either the Object Repository Manager or UFT One while the wizard is generating the object repository. However, do not close either window. If you do try to close either window, a message is displayed, warning that the object repository generation process will be stopped and all data will be lost.

  • If you are using the wizard to update an object repository, that object repository file is locked and you cannot modify it in the Object Repository Manager.

  • During the import process, you can cancel the operation if required. If you cancel the operation, a message is displayed notifying you that stopping the import process will result in an incomplete object repository. You can then select whether to keep, discard, or continue importing test objects into the partial object repository.

Wizard map

Connection Information Page (Create Object Repository Wizard) > Screen Selection Page (Create / Update Object Repository Wizard) > Importing Test Objects Page (Create Object Repository Wizard > Object Repository Created / Updated Page (Create / Update Object Repository Wizard)

See also

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