Use Siebel Test Express to generate or update a shared object repository

If the Siebel Add-in is installed on UFT One, use Siebel Test Express to automatically generate a new shared object repository, or to update an existing object repository.


  • The Siebel Add-in must be installed and loaded.

  • Ensure that the Siebel Test Automation API version installed on your server is one that supports Siebel Test Express.

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Create or update a shared object repository

  1. Select Resources > Object Repository Manager. The Object Repository Manager opens.

  2. (Optional) To update an existing object repository, open the object repository file you want to update in editable format.

    Note: By default, the object repository file opens in read-only mode. To open it in editable format, either clear the Open in read-only mode check box in the Open Shared Object Repository window, or enable editing by selecting File > Enable Editing after you open the repository.

  3. Open the Create Object Repository Wizard, as described in Create Object Repository Wizard.

  4. Follow the steps of the wizard to create the new shared object repository. The wizard contains the following pages:

    After the import process ends, the Object Repository Merge Tool opens. This may take a few minutes.

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Merge the updated repository

Conflicts between objects in the primary and secondary repository files are resolved automatically by the Merge Tool according to the default resolution settings. After the merge, the Merge Tool displays the Statistics dialog box, which lists the files that were merged, and the number and type of any conflicts that were resolved during the merge. You can accept or modify these resolutions to match your needs.

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Save the shared object repository

Save the shared object repository to the file system or to an ALM project.

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