Test Web apps on cloud browsers

You can run your Web tests on cloud browsers provided by Digital Lab.

To run a Web test on a cloud browser:

  1. Connect UFT One to Digital Lab.

    Define the connection settings in Tools > Options > GUI Testing > Digital Lab. See Define your Digital Lab pane details.

  2. Before you start a test run session, specify the cloud browser to use for the run.

    Specify the browser in the Record and Run Settings dialog box, in the Web tab. See Web Tab (Record and Run Settings Dialog Box).

  3. Run your Web test on a cloud browser provided by Digital Lab. A remote access window opens, displaying the application as the test runs. If you pause the test run, you can interact with the application in the remote access window.

    To improve test performance, deselect the Show application during test run option (Tools > Options > GUI Testing > Digital Lab) to hide the remote access window.

For details on setting up cloud browsers on Digital Lab, see the Digital Lab Help Center.

Note: You can run tests on cloud browsers and view the application as the test runs, but you cannot spy on applications or record steps.

For more details on the scope of web testing on cloud browsers, see Running on cloud browsers.

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