.NET Silverlight Add-in

Following the discontinuance of the Silverlight development framework, UFT One no longer supports the Silverlight Add-in by default.

If you require the Silverlight Add-in, contact OpenText Support.

You can use the UFT One Silverlight Add-in to test user-interface objects (controls) in Silverlight applications.


Add-in Type

This is a Web-based add-in. Much of its functionality is the same as other Web-based add-ins.

This add-in is installed as a sub add-in of the .NET Add-in.

Supported Environments

For details on supported Silverlight environments, see the .NET Add-in section of the Support Matrix (PAM).

Important Information

  • To work with the Silverlight Add-in, your Silverlight application must be initialized with the EnableHtmlAccess property value set to 'True'. For details, see https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/silverlight/dotnet-windows-silverlight/cc265167(v=vs.95)

  • Registering Microsoft sllauncher.exe. You can use the UFT One Silverlight Add-in to test Silverlight out-of-browser applications. To do this you must register the Microsoft sllauncher.exe as a browser control. This executable is located in the Silverlight installation folder, for example, %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Silverlight. Register the browser control using the UFT One Register Browser Control Utility (available from the Windows Start menu or by running <UFT_One_installdir>\bin\SettingNewBrowserControlApplication.exe).

Test Object Methods and Properties

The Silverlight Add-in provides test objects, methods, and properties that can be used when testing objects in Silverlight applications. For details, see the Silverlight section of the Support Matrix.

Extending the Silverlight Add-in

Silverlight Add-in extensibility enables you to develop support for testing third-party and custom Silverlight controls that are not supported out-of-the-box by the UFT One Silverlight Add-in.

Known issues

Known Issues - Silverlight Add-in


Opening Your Application

You must open UFT One before opening your Silverlight application.

Add-in Dependencies

The Web Add-in must be loaded.


To work with the Silverlight Add-in, .NET FrameWork 3.0 or later must be installed on your computer.


Configuration Options

Use the Web pane.
(Make sure that a GUI test is open and select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > General node.)

Record and Run Settings

Use the Web tab.

Test Settings

Use the Web pane.
(File > Settings > Web node)

Custom Active Screen Capture Settings

Use the Web section.
(Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Active Screen node > Custom Level)

Application Area Additional Settings

Use the Web pane.
In the application area, select Additional Settings > Web in the sidebar.