Required access permissions

Verify the following access permissions before you start running UFT One, or working with UFT One and ALM or BPT.

Required permissions for UFT One

Required file system permissions


You must have read/write permissions to the following files and folders, as well as any sub-folders:

  • The Temp folder

  • User Profile folders

  • The folder containing UFT One solutions, tests, or run results

  • The %programdata%\OpenText folder

  • The %localappdata%\OpenText folder

  • The %appdata%\OpenText folder

UFT One 23.4:

The %programdata%\Micro Focus folder

The %localappdata%\Micro Focus folder

The %appdata%\Micro Focus folder

Read/execute permissions The UFT One installation folder

You must have read permissions to the following folders:

  • The Windows folder

  • The System folder

  • The Windows\System32 folder

  • The <Windows>\mercury.ini file

Required registry key permissions


All keys under:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive




Read and
Query Value

Note: Some folder paths intentionally include previous company branding, due to backward compatibility considerations.

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Required permissions for ALM

Read/write permissions
  • ALM cache folder

  • <Program Data>\Micro Focus folder

  • UFT One Add-in for ALM installation folder

Administrative permissions For the first connection to ALM

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Required permissions for BPT

Ensure that you have the required ALM permissions before working with business components and application areas.

Component steps

To work with component steps in ALM, you must have the appropriate Add Step, Modify Step, or Delete Step permissions set.

You do not need Modify Component permission to work with component steps.

The Modify Component permission enables you to work with component properties, which are the fields in the component Details tab.

Parameters in ALM or other testing tools

To work with parameters in ALM or in a testing tool, you must have all the parameter task permissions set in ALM.

Application areas

To modify application areas, you must have the separate permissions for resources required for modifying components, and adding, modifying, and deleting steps.

All four permissions (Modify Component, Add Step, Modify Step, or Delete Step) are required.

If one of these permissions is not assigned, you can open application areas only in read-only format.

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