Real device monitoring

Run UFT One tests on mobile devices connected to Digital Lab from Business Process Monitor (BPM), just as you would other UFT One tests.

Enable support for BPM

Before running the test, enable support for BPM as follows:

  1. In UFT One, open the Test Settings dialog box > Run pane. For more details, see Run Pane (Test Settings Dialog Box).

  2. At the bottom, under Business Process Monitor, select the option to allow test to run on Digital Lab.

    The following parameters are added to the test to customize it for the mobile environment:

    • MobileAppVersion
    • MobileDevice
    • MobileServerPassword
    • MobileServerURL
    • MobileServerUserName

Customize these parameter values in Application Performance Management (APM), or use the default values.

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Paired parameters

The MobileServerUserName and MobileServerPassword parameters are paired.

If a paired parameter is customized in APM, the test checks the customized value and skips any value saved in the test for the customized parameter or its pair.

For example, if MobileServerUserName has a customized value, the test skips the saved values for MobileServerUserName and also MobileServerPassword.

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