Print Dialog Box (Run Results Viewer)

This dialog box enables you to print run results from the Run Results Viewer. You can select the type of report you want to print, and you can also create and print a customized report.

To access

Use one of the following:

    • Select File > Print.
    • Click the Print button .

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Print range
  • All. Prints the run results for the entire test or component.

  • Selection. Prints the run results information for the selected branch in the run results tree.

Print format
  • Short. Prints a summary line (when available) for each item in the run results tree. This option is only available if you selected All in Print range.

  • Detailed. Prints all available information for each item in the run results tree, or for the selected branch, according to your selection in Print range. The printed report includes still images associated with the steps in your run results. If a bitmap checkpoint step displays bitmaps, these are also included.

  • User-defined XSL. Enables you to browse to and select a customized .xsl file. You can create a customized .xsl file that specifies the information to be included in the printed report, and the way it should appear. For more details, see Run results XML file.

Note: The Print format options are available only for run results last modified with QuickTest version 8.0 and later.


Opens the standard Windows Print dialog box, enabling you to send the selected run results any installed printer.