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Relevant for: business process tests and flows

This topic describes the Learn Summary dialog box, which enables you to select which components to use after learning the screens/areas in an SAP application. It is a mandatory dialog when learning areas of your SAP application.

Access the Learn Summary dialog box

Access the Learn Summary box after learning objects in your SAP application.

To access the Learn Summary dialog box:

  1. With a business process test or flow selected, in the toolbar, click the Learn button

  2. Perform user actions in your SAP application.

  3. When you are finished performing user actions, in the Learn toolbar, press the Stop button to display the Learn Summary dialog.

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Learn Summary dialog elements

User elements are described below:

UI Element

<learned components tree>

The listing of all components that were learned during the current learning session, including a snapshot of the component.

If there are similar or identical components, UFT One displays a numeric indicator of the number of similar components.

Steps tab The steps in the currently selected component in the learned components tree, in natural language.
Available Components for Reuse

The list of similar or identical components to the selected component in the learned components tree.

If you click the down arrow by the component name, you can view details of the suggested component, including properties of the component and the steps in the component.

Automatically reuse components

Instructs UFT One to automatically reuse the most similar component for each component in the learned components tree.

Change path Enables you to change the location where the learned components are saved.

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