Add Repository Parameter Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This dialog box enables you to define a new repository parameter. You can specify a default value for the parameter and a meaningful description to help identify it when it is used in a test or component step.

To access

In the Manage Repository Parameters Dialog Box, click the Add Repository Parameter button .

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A meaningful name for the parameter. For a list of naming conventions, see Naming conventions.

Default value

The default value to be used for the repository parameter. This value is used if you do not map the repository parameter to a value or parameter type in a test or component that uses this shared object repository. If you do not specify a default value, the repository parameter will appear as unmapped in any tests or components that use this shared object repository.

Note: If you specify a default value, you can later remove it by clicking in the Default Value cell of the relevant parameter in the Manage Repository Parameters Dialog Box and then clicking the Clear Default Value button. The text {No Default Value} is displayed in the cell.


A description of the repository parameter. The description will help you identify the parameter when mapping repository parameters in a test or component.