Custom Activity files

Relevant for: API testing only

This section describes the structure and content of the files required to manually define a new activity in UFT One. The following information is not relevant if you are using the Activity wizard.

To create a custom activity, you need to define the following files on all machines upon which you intend to run the test:

Runtime files The DLL that UFT One invokes to run the activity.
Signature files An XML file that defines the input and output properties, events, and the runtime class that executes the activity.
Addin files An XML file that references all of the activity component data.
Resource files Files to store text strings used by your activity. These files are optional.

All of the custom files—Signature, Addin, and Runtime—should be stored in the <Installation_folder>\addins\CustomerAddins\<addin_name> folder. This enables UFT One to load them during startup.

The product's installation includes a sample project in the ExtensibilitySamples folder. Use this sample as a basis for a new activity.

For more details, see Manually create a custom Activity in C#.

Note: This is a preliminary version of the SDK (Software Development Kit). It enables you to extend the capabilities of the product. However, this SDK is subject to change in a future release, and these changes might require you to update any code that uses this preliminary version. Although OpenText endeavors to keep these changes to a minimum, we cannot guarantee that extensions created using the preliminary version of the SDK will continue to work without modification when upgrading to a new version of UFT One.