Database Query Wizard

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

This wizard enables you to import data from a database to a Data pane sheet.

To access

Do one of the following:

  • In the Data Pane (GUI Testing), right-click the sheet to which you want to import the data and select Sheet > Import > From Database.

  • Select Design > Checkpoint > Database Checkpoint or Design > Output Value > Database Output Value.

Important information
  • You can install Microsoft Query from the custom installation option of Microsoft Office.

  • UFT One takes several seconds to capture the database query and restore the UFT One window. The resulting data from the database query is displayed in the Data pane.

  • Contrary to importing an Excel file (File > Import From File), existing data in the Data pane is not replaced when you import data from a database. If the database you import contains a column with the same name as an existing column, the database column is added as a new column with the column name followed by a sequential number.

    For example, if your data table already contains a column called departures, a database column by the same name would be inserted into the data table as departures1.

Relevant tasks
Wizard map

The Database Query Wizard contains:

Connect to database using ODBC > Specify SQL statement