Properties Grid Area (Checkpoint Properties Dialog Box) - Database Checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This topic is part of the Checkpoint Properties Dialog box.

For a database checkpoint, the properties grid area displays a grid with the content of the database object.

Important information
  • The column header names are captured from the database you selected for your checkpoint.

  • Double-clicking on the grid toggles the settings for all selected cells. Therefore, if you double-click a row header, a column header, or the top left corner of the grid, any cells that were previously included in the check are removed from it, and any cells that were not previously included in the check are added to it.

  • When more than one cell is selected, the options in the Expected Data tab are unavailable.

User interface elements are described below:

<grid area>

The grid area displays the captured/expected values of all the cells in the table. Only the ones with check marks are used (checked) by the checkpoint. You can check the entire table, specific rows, specific columns, or specific cells.


Modifies the row range. For details, see Define/Modify Row Range Dialog Box.

Add/Remove from check. Add or remove the selected cells from the check.