Navigate and Learn Toolbar

Relevant for: GUI actions and components

This toolbar enables you to add multiple test objects to a shared object repository while navigating through your application.

To access

In the Object Repository Manager, select Object > Navigate and Learn.

Important information
  • Each time you select a window to learn, the selected window and its descendant objects are added to the active shared object repository according to a predefined object filter. You can change the object filter definitions at any time to meet your requirements. The object filter is used for both the Navigate and Learn option and the Add Objects option. The settings you define are used in both places when UFT One learns objects. For details on modifying the filter definitions, see Define Object Filter Dialog Box.

  • The Navigate and Learn option is not supported for environments with mixed hierarchies (object hierarchies that include objects from different environments), for example, Browser("Homepage").Page("Welcome").AcxButton("Save") or Dialog("Edit").AcxEdit("MyEdit"). To add objects within mixed hierarchies, use other options, as described in Add test objects to an object repository.

  • The Navigate and Learn option does not learn the following types of objects:

    • Minimized windows

    • Insight test objects

    • Text test objects

    • Objects in Google Chrome Frame

Relevant tasks

Manage shared object repositories

See also

Object Repository Manager Main Window

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements



Adds the active (in focus) parent object and its descendants to the shared object repository, according to the defined filter.

Note: This button is disabled if there is no recognized active parent object (for example, Browser, Dialog, Window).

Define Object Filter. Opens the Define Object Filter Dialog Box, enabling you to set filter definitions for objects learned. The current filter definitions are displayed in the button tooltip (in parentheses after the button name).

Note: If this is the first time you are adding objects to the shared object repository, you may want to change the filter definitions before you continue.