Select Application Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI components only

This dialog box enables you to select applications for use in your application area.

To access

In the Applications Pane (Business Component Settings Dialog Box / Application Area - Additional Settings Pane), click the Add button.

Important information
  • You can add up to ten applications to the application list displayed in the Applications pane, and you can edit an existing application in the list. You can also select whether to record and run on the application's descendant processes.
  • The details entered in the Select Application dialog box are displayed as a single line for each application in the Windows-based applications area of the Applications pane.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Executable file

Instructs UFT One to record and run on the specified executable file.

Include descendant processes

Instructs UFT One to record and run on processes created by the specified application during the record and run session. For example, a process that is used only as a launcher may create another process that actually provides the application functionality. This descendant process must therefore be included when recording or running components on this application, otherwise the functionality will not be recorded, or the run session will fail.