Configure Value Area (Output Value Properties Dialog Box) - Standard, Table, and Database Checkpoints

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

This topic is part of the Output Value Properties Dialog box.

The Configure Value area enables you to set the value to use as an output.

The example below shows the Configure Value area (called the Parameter data tab) when a table output value is selected.

Important information (for keyword components only)
  • This area is available only in Advanced Mode.
  • In Simple Mode, when you click the Browse button for a selected property in the Properties grid, the Parameterization / Properties Dialog Box (Output Values) opens, in which the output definition for the selected property value is displayed.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Selected Cell
(table and database checkpoints only)

The name of the object and location of the cell to output.

Selected Cell

The name of the object and location of the cell to output.


Opens the Output Options dialog box, enabling you to change the output type and/or settings for the selected value.

For details, see Output Options Dialog Box .

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