Output Pane (Options Dialog Box > General Tab)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components and API testing

This pane enables you to define display options for the Output pane.

To access

Select Tools > Options > General tab > Output Pane node.

Important information

Clicking the Restore Factory Defaults button resets all product settings, including ALM connection information, the recent files list, and anything defined in the Options dialog box, such as startup options, UI layout, GUI, API, and BPT testing options, remote connection credentials, and more.

See also

Output Pane

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Word wrap

When selected, wraps the text of each message onto the next line.

Text Font

The font in which to display the content of the Output pane.


The size in which to display the text in the Output pane.

<preview area>

Shows an example of the formatting selected in the Text Font and Size drop-down lists.