Add Schema Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and scripted GUI components

This dialog box enables you to specify the path or URL of an external schema file and its namespace. If there is a schema with a namespace defined in your XML document, the namespace of the external schema must be identical to the one defined in your document.

To access

In the Schema Validation Dialog Box, select the Add Schema button

Relevant tasks

Insert a checkpoint step

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Schema path or URL

The path or URL of your XML schema file. Alternatively, click the browse button to navigate to the XML schema you want to use to validate the XML in your Web page/frame, XML file, or XML test object. You can specify schema files either from your file system or from ALM. For each external file you add, you must specify its path or URL and namespace

Schema namespace

(If applicable.) The namespace of your schema file. UFT One checks that the namespace matches the schema file as part of the validation process. If the schema file has a namespace and you do not specify it, or if the namespace you specify is different to the one specified in the schema file, the validation fails.

Click OK to add the selected schema to the list in the Schema Validation dialog box. Click the Add Schema button again if you want to add another schema.