Version History Dialog Box

Relevant for: GUI tests and components, API testing, and business process tests and flows

This dialog box enables you to view the version history for an asset, and depending on the type of asset, view the content of a previous asset version and compare two asset versions.

To access
  • From most assets: Open the asset and select the ALM > Version History menu command.
  • From a recovery scenario (GUI testing only): In the Recovery Scenario Manager, open the recovery scenario, click the Version Control down arrow, and select Version History.
Important information

To view a version for an asset: Select a version and click View.

To compare two versions of an asset: Select two versions and click Compare.

You cannot check out an earlier version of an asset from this dialog box. (You can check out earlier version of most assets directly from the ALM project. For details on checking out assets from ALM, see the ALM user guide.)

See also

Version control in ALM

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The name of the currently open asset.

Version column

A list of all versions of the asset.

Last Modified column

The date that each version was checked in.

Modified By column

The user who checked in each listed version.

Comments column

The comments that were entered when the selected asset version was checked in.

View button
(GUI tests and components and API testing only)

Enables you to view the selected version of the current asset.

To view a version of an asset: Select an asset version and click View. UFT One opens the checked in version of the asset in the Asset Viewer. For details on the Asset Viewer, see Asset Viewer.

Compare button
(GUI tests and components and API testing only)

Enables you to compare two versions of the currently open asset.

To compare two versions: Select the versions you want to compare and click Compare. UFT One opens the two asset versions in the Asset Comparison Tool.