Run Business Process Tests

Relevant for: business process testing

Running business process tests is much the same as running regular UFT One GUI tests. UFT One opens the specified application, and opens each component in the test in sequence. Inside each component, UFT One runs the steps contained in the component.

However, when running a business process test, there are specific issues to consider:

  • The number of iterations: You can specify different numbers of iterations for any flow, component, or component group included in your test. Furthermore, the number of iterations does not have to be the same for all members of the test.
  • The run conditions: You can instruct UFT One how to run a test, depending on the condition of the component and your application before or after a specific component's steps are complete.
  • The data to use for a test run: You can change the data used for a specific business process test run by creating test configurations and selecting a particular test configuration for each test run.

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