Java Environment


The objects, methods and properties described in this section can be used when testing Java objects.

Note: Java objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One Java Add-in is installed and loaded.

Supported Test Objects

Test ObjectDescription
JavaAppletA Java applet.
JavaButtonA Java button.
JavaCalendarA Java calendar.
JavaCheckBoxA Java check box.
JavaDialogA Java dialog box.
JavaEditA Java edit box.
JavaExpandBarA Java control that contains labeled bar items, which can be expanded or collapsed by the user.
JavaInternalFrameAn internal frame that can be activated from the Java applet.
JavaLinkA Java control that displays text with links.
JavaListA Java list box with single or multiple selection.
JavaMenuA Java menu item.
JavaObjectA generic Java object.
JavaRadioButtonA Java radio button.
JavaSliderA Java slider.
JavaSpinA Java spin object.
JavaStaticTextA Java static text object.
JavaTabA Java tabstrip control containing tabbed panels.
JavaTableA Java table.
JavaToolbarA Java toolbar.

A Java tree.


A Java tree table.

JavaWindowA Java window.