MobileApp Object

Supported in UFT One versions 14.03 and higher.


Represents a specified mobile app, as follows:

  • Home. The device's HOME screen.
  • The name of a system app, such as Browser, SMS, or Phone. For details, see the Name Property.
  • The AppIdentifier number. For details, see MobileApp Object.

Before using this test object, you must have:

  • A UFT One connection to Mobile Center / UFT Mobile / Digital Lab.

  • The following Record and Run Settings defined:

    • On the Mobile tab, select Use Mobile Center, Use UFT Mobile, or Use mobile device depending on your UFT One version.

    • On the Web tab, select Use settings on the Mobile tab.


Counter Property

Returns the app's counter number.

Identifier Property

Returns the app's Mobile Center / UFT Mobile / Digital Lab ID.

IsPackaged Property

Defines whether the app is packaged.

Name Property

Returns the app's name.


Define the mobile app used in your test

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