Find Method

Supported in UFT One versions 2022 and later.


Finds the position of the specified function library file.


Visual Basic
Public Function Find( _
   ByVal FLPath As String _
) As Long



The ALM path of the function library file you want to find.

The ALM path is the location of the file in ALM. For example:

[ALM\Resources] Resources\Libraries\Library1.qfl (for a file stored in the Test Resources module) or [ALM] Subject\qtp95\Library1.qfl (for a file stored as an attachment.)

Return Type

The Find method returns -1 if the specified library path is not found.


The following example finds a function library in the function library collection of an application area:

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Set uftApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
uftApp.Launch ' Start UFT 
uftApp.Visible = True ' Make the UFT application visible

uftApp.OpenAppArea("[ALM\Resources] Resources\manual\AA\AA1")
Set AAFunctionLibraries = uftApp.AppArea.Resources.Libraries ' Get the libraries collection object
MsgBox AAFunctionLibraries.Find ("[ALM] Subject\manual\FL to AA\FL6.qfl")

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