Item Property

Supported in UFT One version 2022 and later.


Returns the function library file located in the specified position.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Item( _
   ByVal Position As Long _
) As String



The position of the function library file you want to retrieve. Position values begin with 1.

Return Type

The ALM path of the specified function library file.

The ALM path is the location of the file in ALM. For example:

[ALM\Resources] Resources\Libraries\Library1.qfl (for a file stored in the Test Resources module) or [ALM] Subject\qtp95\Library1.qfl (for a file stored as an attachment)


Item is the default property for the AAFunctionLibraries object. Therefore, you can also retrieve or set this value using the following syntax:

AAFunctionLibraries(Position) = NewPath


CurrentPath = AAFunctionLibraries(Position)


The following example returns the first function library from the function library list.

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uftApp.OpenAppArea("[ALM\Resources] Resources\manual\AA\AA1")

Set AAFunctionLibraries = uftApp.AppArea.Resources.Libraries

MsgBox AAFunctionLibraries.Item (1)

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