MoveToPos Method

Supported in UFT One version 2022 and later.


Moves the function library file entry from the current position to the specified new position.


Visual Basic
Public Sub MoveToPos( _
   ByVal CurPosition As Long, _
   ByVal NewPosition As Long _


  • CurPosition

    The current position of the function library file whose position you want to change. Position values begin with 1.

  • NewPosition

    The position in the function library list to which you want to move the function library file. Position values begin with 1.


The following example opens an application area, moves the position of a function library file, and then saves the application area.

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uftApp.OpenAppArea("[ALM\Resources] Resources\manual\AA\AA3")

Set AAFunctionLibraries = uftApp.AppArea.Resources.Libraries ' Get the libraries collection object
AAFunctionLibraries.MoveToPos 7,1

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