Action Object


A test action.

Object Model

Action ObjectActionParameterDefinitions CollectionActionParameterDefinition ObjectAction ObjectActionParameterDefinitions CollectionActionParameterDefinition ObjectAction ObjectObjectRepositories CollectionObjectRepositories Collection


Public Methods

Public Method AddExistingAction

(UFT One versions 2021 and later)

Adds a call to an existing action from the current action.

Public Method AddExistingAPITest

(UFT One versions 2021 and later)

Adds a call to an existing API test from the current action.
Public Method AddNewActionCreates a new action with the specified script content and adds a call to it from the current action.
Public Method GetScriptReturns the complete contents of the action script as a string.
Public Method SetScriptUses the specified string as the new script for the action.
Public Method ValidateScriptValidates the script syntax.

Public Properties

Public Property ActionParameterDefinitionsReturns the ActionParameterDefinitions collection defined for the action.
Public Property DescriptionThe textual description of the action.
Public Property LocationThe location where the action is stored.
Public Property NameThe name of the action.
Public Property ObjectRepositoriesReturns an ObjectRepositories collection representing all object repository files associated with the action.
Public Property TypeThe action type: external, reusable, or non-reusable. Note that 'external' is not valid when setting the property value.

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