AddExistingAction Method

Supported in UFT One versions 2021 and later.


Adds a call to an existing action from the current action.


Visual Basic
Public Function AddExistingAction( _
   ByVal Path As String, _
   ByVal ActionPosition As qtActionPosition _
) As Action



The full path to the existing action. It could be a local or ALM path.


Indicates whether to add the call to the new action as the first or last step in the parent action.

qtAtBeginingThe beginning of the parent action.
qtAtEndThe end of the parent action.


Using this method, you can add the existing action only to the beginning (first step) or end (last step) of the parent action script.

Tip: To add the action to another location in the parent script, add the action to the beginning of the script, then retrieve the parent action script using the GetScript method, modify the script content to place the action call in the required location, and then use the SetScript method to update it.


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