TextRecognitionBlockType Property
Indicates whether the text block recognition mode is set to single text block or multiple text block.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property TextRecognitionBlockType As String
Return Type
  • Single
  • Multiple

The single text block mode instructs the OCR mechanism to focus on the area and treat it as a single text block. This is especially useful when trying to capture text on small objects or in a small text area.

The multiple text block mode instructs the OCR mechanism to handle each text area in the object that has a different background, font, or size. The OCR mechanism decides where to divide the text blocks according to an internal algorithm. Use this option only if the text you need to capture generally comprises different fonts, font sizes, colors, and/or backgrounds.

For more information on the UFT One text recognition mechanism and the available configuration options, see the chapter on Working with Text Recognition for Windows-Based Objects in the UFT One User Guide.

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