AutoSyncKeys Property
The keyboard keys after which UFT One enters Sync steps.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property AutoSyncKeys As String

When recording without HLLAPI support, UFT One inserts Sync steps after specified keys are pressed, to synchronize the communication between the emulator and the server. The keys are identified by their virtual key codes.

The default is the ENTER key virtual key code value: 13 (0D Hex). You can specify different or additional keys. For example, you can add the CTRL key virtual key code value: 17 (11 Hex).

Specify the decimal value of the virtual key code for each key, separated by a semicolon (;). UFT One inserts a Sync step whenever one of these keys is pressed.

For a list of virtual key codes, see: The list on the MSDN page displays the Hex values for each key code. You must convert the value to decimal and specify the decimal value of the key codes when you add them to the list for this option.

This property value applies to all terminal emulator configurations, regardless of the currently selected emulator.

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