SaveAs Method


Saves the test or business component with a new name.


Visual Basic
Public Sub SaveAs( _
   ByVal TestPath As String, _
   Optional ByVal CopyActiveScreen As Boolean = True, _
   Optional ByVal CopyTestResults As Boolean = False _


  • TestPath

    The full path of the new test or component. The path can be a file system or ALM path.

  • CopyActiveScreen

    Indicates whether to copy Active Screen images to the new test or component. Default=True.

    Note: If you choose not to copy Active Screen images, and then later discover that you need them, you can use the Test.UpdateRun method to recapture Active Screen images.

  • CopyTestResults

    Indicates whether to copy all of the test's existing run results to the new test. Default=False.


The folder must be new, empty, or contain only UFT One test or component files.

To save the open, existing test or component, use the Test.Save method.


Save a Test with a New Name  | Save a Test in ALM

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