SaveTestWithResources Method
Saves the test with its resources.
Visual Basic
Public Sub SaveTestWithResources( _
   ByVal TestName As String, _
   ByVal TestPath As String, _
   Optional ByVal CopyActiveScreen As Boolean = True, _
   Optional ByVal ExportToZip As Boolean = False _
The name for the saved test.
The root folder in which to save the test and all associated resources. You can specify any folder on a local, network, or portable drive.
Indicates whether to copy Active Screen images to the test you are saving.  Default=True.

Note: If you choose not to copy Active Screen images, and then later discover that you need them, you can use the Test.UpdateRun method to recapture Active Screen images.

Indicates whether to create a .zip file of the test and its resources. If you set the value to True, UFT One stores the .zip file in the folder you specified in the TestPath argument.
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