Using the Delphi Add-in Extensibility Samples

The Delphi Add-in Extensibility SDK includes the following samples to help you learn about Delphi Add-in Extensibility. You can also use the samples as a basis for your extensibility files.

  • The basic Delphi Add-in extensibility sample provides a toolkit support set for the TTrackBar control, which is not supported out-of-the-box by the Delphi Add-in. This toolkit support set provides a comprehensive example of how to extend UFT One support for a custom control.

  • The Delphi Add-in grid extensibility sample provides a toolkit support set for the TStringDrawGrid control, which is a custom grid control that inherits from the TCustomGrid class. This toolkit support set demonstrates only how to teach UFT One to treat a custom grid control as a table. For more information, see Creating Support for Custom Grid Controls.

The samples are located under <UFT One installation folder>\samples, in the DelphiExtSample and DelphiGridExtSample folders. Within each of these folders, the custom control and its source files are located in the Application sub-folder, and the toolkit support set files (configuration files and extensibility unit) are located in the ToolkitSupportSet sub-folder.

You can use these samples in the following ways:
  • Study the content of the toolkit support set files to gain a better understanding of how to develop your own toolkit support sets.

  • Copy the toolkit support set files (or parts of them) and use them as a basis for designing your toolkit support sets.

  • Learn how extensibility can affect UFT One's interaction with custom controls. To do this, create and run a UFT One test on the sample custom control before and after deploying the sample toolkit support set to UFT One. The procedure described below guides you through this process for the TTrackBar sample. You can perform a similar procedure using the TStringDrawGrid sample.