InitEventListener Method (EventsListenerBase)
Called once by the UFT infrastructure to start listening for events. Override this method, adding subscriptions to the events to which you need to listen.

Implement the event handler functions for your object. For example: public void OnMouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) { // Your implementation of a handler for MouseDown event. if(e.Button != System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left) return; RecordFunction("MouseDown", RecordingMode.RECORD_SEND_LINE, e.X, e.Y); } Then add your handler in InitEventListener public override void InitEventListener() { Delegate e = new MouseEventHandler(this.OnMouseDown); // Option 1: Using AddHandler. UFT or AUT context. // This technique is preferable to Option 2 because // your handler is called first and because UFT // guarantees that the handler is released. AddHandler("MouseDown", e); // Option 2: Add the handler directly using Control. AUT context only. // A handler added with += must be released explicitly in your // implementation of ReleaseEventListener\ TargetControl.MouseDown += e; }

Public MustOverride Sub InitEventListener() 
public abstract void InitEventListener()