EventsListenerBase Class
The base class for objects that listen to control events in the AUT context for a Custom Server running in the UFT context.
Object Model
EventsListenerBase Class

A custom server that uses assistant classes derived from CustomAssistantBase must implement the following methods in the classes derived from EventsListenerBase:

  • InitEventListener
  • ReleaseEventListener

Public MustInherit Class EventsListenerBase 
public abstract class EventsListenerBase 
Inheritance Hierarchy


Protected Properties
Protected PropertySourceControlReturns the source control object.  
Public Methods
Public MethodInitThis method supports the UFT infrastructure. Do not call it directly in your code.  
Public MethodInitEventListenerCalled once by the UFT infrastructure to start listening for events. Override this method, adding subscriptions to the events to which you need to listen.  
Public MethodReleaseEventListenerReleases event handlers not added using AddHandler.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodAddHandlerAdds an event handler. If other handlers exist for the event, the handler added with AddHandler is called first.  
Protected MethodInvokeCustomServerInvokes a method of the Custom Server that is running in the UFT context.  
Protected MethodRecordFunctionWrites a test object method call to the test script.