Using a .NET DLL to Extend Support for a Custom Control

You can support a .NET Windows Forms control by creating a Custom Server implemented as a .NET DLL. Set up a .NET project in Microsoft Visual Studio as a .NET DLL class library that implements the interfaces for a combination of:

  • Test Record (IRecord interface)

  • Test Run (Replay interface)

  • Table verification (supports checkpoints and output values)

  • Note: The IRecord interface is provided in the UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK. When running the UFT One Custom Server Settings wizard to create a .NET DLL Custom Server, the wizard provides code that implements the IRecord interface to get you started.

    The SDK does not provide interfaces for replay and table verification. You must implement these.

    For details, see Implementing the IRecord Interface and the API Reference.

To create a .NET DLL Custom Server you need to know how to program a .NET Assembly. The illustrations and instructions in this section assume that you are using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 as your development environment and that the Custom Server Project Templates are installed. For more information, see Installing the Micro Focus UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK.