CustomPropInterfaceAttribute Class

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This attribute, applied to an interface, indicates that this is the Custom Properties interface of the custom server class.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Class CustomPropInterfaceAttribute 
   Inherits Attribute
public class CustomPropInterfaceAttribute : Attribute  


  • In the interface that you tag with this attribute, implement properties that retrieve the values of identification properties of the same name.
  • Implement properties for any new identification properties you defined for your test object class, or if you want to override the value retrieval implementation inherited from the base class.
  • A custom server class cannot implement more than on interface tagged with CustomPropInterfaceAttribute.

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Public Constructors

Public ConstructorCustomPropInterfaceAttribute ConstructorDefault constructor.  

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Public PropertyTypeId (Inherited fromSystem.Attribute)

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Public MethodIsDefaultAttribute (Inherited fromSystem.Attribute)
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